Destiny’s Child


And she stood above them on the ledge looking down
Dropping petals from marigolds and Pansies and a rose
Watching them drift and twist slowly round
With fragile wings reaching for their destiny far below

And when we got there she was already on the ground
Staring up at us with a smile
As though she found the answer to her tears
There on her journey down

The one that evaded her all those years
And stood there still and leaning over the rail did I
Waiting for a sign that all was well
Long and hard and cold watching her lie

And among those broken blossoms where she fell
She did not stir nor waver once nor even sigh
Lying among the flowers that i gave her
when i said farewell


America is Great.

Where there is fear there is hope, where there is darkness there is light, where there is suffering there is kindness, and where there is hate there is love. These are our weapons to counter oppression and bigotry. Be steadfast in your faith. America is great.

National Harbor 2



I’m an American



Some of us know too well the test of adversity and hardship and live in fear every day but still manage to put on a happy face and walk out the door. We have done it most of our lives. Having felt a little sunshine these past 8 years it is only natural to want more when storm clouds threaten to disrupt our picnic. However remember when the rain cometh this time things are different. If we have learned one thing in all of those early years of struggle, we are not alone. Women and men, straight and not so straight of every color, ethnicity and religion have banded together as Americans to build a new future. We have sanged and danced in the streets like children, laughed and even cried over tragedies that have honed our multifaceted  character into one unified people for justice and principles that we claim unilaterally are: American. We have faced civil unrest, the enslavement of a people, bombing of churches, wars to end all wars, the unfair internment of some of our friends and neighbors of oriental decent, Stonewall, McCarthyism, the atrocities of Viet Nam, Watergate scandals, infidelities from our trusted officials too numerous to mention, and the fall of the twin towers which led to the erosion of our most treasured right to privacy from government intrusion, and we have endured. Friends let the rain fall if it must. I am not afraid. I am an American.

Love is not so much overrated as it is misunderstood. It is perhaps the most complex emotion in the human experience. My father loved me. I know he did. Not because he ever told me so but because he never uttered the words. He kept it inside to show me how men survive. He, like most men of his generation was honed to be stoic. He was not unfeeling or emotionally challenged. Growing up in the 1930s, a man becomes a man by burying all of the compassion that would make him vulnerable. I doubt that his father ever said aloud that he loved him. I can only recall two times he ever embraced me. The first was when I told him that his son was going to die, not in the physical sence but that he would never see him in the same way again. The last time he hugged me was when he was dying. When I said goodby to my wife and children on a colorless January morning in 1994, I never shed a tear. I simply drove away. If I felt anything at all it was exhileration and a fear of the unknown. It would be years later that I would break apart releasing all of that emotional energy that had been locked away and understand completely that sometimes -as Eric Segal had observed in his debut novel, love sometimes means having to say goodby.