While it’s okay to disagree and even express disapproval of something or someone, it’s never okay to encourage violence or depict explicit graphic behavior that appears to condone it, particularly where it violates the mores you seek to promote. The depiction of Trumps severed head covered in blood was so inappropriate, that it violates all principles of human decency and shreds the cloak of righteousness that it sought to promote. No disclaimer could justify the burning of a cross, flag, or coat-of-arms without offending the person’s the symbol represents. To hang a man in effigy while disclaiming violence is akin to wearing a fig leaf over your genitalia. All it does is bring more attention to your false modesty. It reminds me of those Anti-war demonstrators setting off home-made bombs and blowing up people in protest. How ridiculous! How shameful! What an example to show our children how to act when in disagreement. Get a life, Kathy. Grow up!


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