Charging the president of the United States of America with a dereliction of duty so severe as to be able to justify removing him from public office is difficult. The office of the president is an interesting position. There are certain agencies in which he controls or may fall under his powers and he decides whether policy dictates releasing information categorized as sensitive, secret or otherwise important. He makes foreign policy and decides what to enforce or use to further those policies. Congress also has some impact with laws it legislates on US foreign policy but only the executive branch can enforce it unless dedicated to a separate agency whose operation cannot interfere with the other branches of government. When I was in the service working in intelligence, Senator Patrick Laheay, during a press conference held up top secret documents, albeit inadvertently, and all the agency could do was change its passwords and downgrade the information. He was head of the Senate Armed Services committee. Thus, impeaching a president for releasing sensitive information that he often determines its use to further policy is difficult if not impossible except in extraordinary circumstance.


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