I never saw President Barak O’Bama as a black president any more than I thought John F. Kennedy as a Catholic president or Ronald Regan as an old president. I saw them as good men who loved their country and became great leaders. Black, catholic, old or whatever are some other person’s opinion, usually someone who opposed these men.  Don’t be misled by labels. Men are not judged my their labels but by their deeds. America once worried when their leader fell ill and became confined to a wheel chair. Franklin Delano Roosevelt went onto become the greatest and most popular president of all time. After he was elected to his fourth term his opposition changed the rules and limited the term of the presidency. If one hasn’t noticed the Republicans have manuvered the rules again to arrange one of the oligarchy to become president and shift the balance of power away from the people through redistricting and restructuring the method of election. The DNC recently revealed that the electoral process is a sham and it can arbitrarily select which candidate will run for office. With only two main parties competing in a free election the rich can pay for whom they want to move their private agenda to the exclusion of the needs of the working class. Wake up America. It is no longer necessary to have a two party system when technology will allow for an efficient one vote for every citizen be tallied toward a chosen candidate.  Revamp the system before it is too late. 


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