A Public Opinion

I’m nay a Trump fan, far from it. I see this era as the slide predicted in the bible when the West will stand by watching the great northern power come down on Israel and the battles in the middle east will cause the end of our civilizations as we know it. I was merely providing light on the danger of following what appears to be irresponsible press portrayals of our situation. As educated Americans we should be making our own evaluations and not relying on opinions of an inflamed press proselytizing their fears onto a population for profit. Kushner is an amazing intelligent young man equal in calibre to many a white house staff member of past administrations and Trump’s daughter has a first class education and a proven track record as a sharp businesswoman. Just because they’re presidential boss is an idiot doesn’t mean they can’t function reasonably as advisors. I have no idea from the coverage whether or not they are being briefed by the professional government officials because of all the hype about their relationship.


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