The most ridiculous controversy I have heard to date is who gets to use what bathroom based on sex and not gender. There lies the underlying problem. People’s reluctance to let go of arcane ideas based on willful ignorance. If a line is drawn based on sex how does the authorities and the courts enforce it? How many people walk around naked? Are they going to issue sex or gender identity cards? If so, who’s going to ask someone for their card ? The only fear anyone should have is who’s going to pay for all these changes? The American businessman and consumer. I’ve got news for these ignorant politicians, Trans people have been around since the dawn of time, and so have men who look feminine and women who– well lets just say– who look questionable. People generally use a bathroom that fits their need for privacy. They know what sex or gender they are and if they look reasonably close, that’s good enough for me because i only go there to do my business and get out. Its never been a social gathering. So now maybe the time to have THAT talk about the difference between gender and sex. Ya think? Or be ready for unisex bathrooms where everyone is uncomfortable…


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