I dreamt that this new turn in American history, on the eve of a new president’s inauguration, made America great again, but not the way he envisioned, but in spite of his plan. No man need ever fear shackles or heckles because of his darker shade of skin, no woman should fear being dragged by the hair back to the kitchen or made to dance under a glass ceiling, and no one living in America should fear to hold onto love no matter their sex  or gender. Freedom once given cannot be taken away. We will not be divided. The weight of oppression will only press us together as a people. But it will not come without pain. A mother will die because she has no insurance. A child will go hungry and shoeless because his family is poor. A father will feel like a slave, work three jobs and be too tired when he comes home from work to even notice his gay son has hung himself in the bathroom. Prayers in the open will be outlawed and Christians, Jews, and Muslims will be jailed because of their faith in a God. There will be tears but there will be rainbows at the end when the families and friends of the new martyrs will rise up from their knees, hold hands and remember what America once was and why change is good. We cannot go back only forward. We can mourn the past, dream of the future, imagine prosperity and the pursuit of happiness will drive us forward but this time together. We–not a president will make America great–again!


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