I grew up during a time of war and a changing world. A time where traditions and old values were weakening and our government censored information and lied to us seemingly for our protection. We questioned authority and demanded accountability by those we elected to govern our society. By the time my second daughter graduated from high school things had changed again. I was shocked when I attended the ceremony and the valedictorian proclaimed a theme for her graduating class: to stay the course. What happened to the revolution? The evolution of women and minority rights, that homogeneous world we had envisioned would emerge from our dissent. What course were they to follow? I feared that such rhetoric would lull our country into a chasm of complacency. An immutable void of stagnation and eventual decay. Has disillusionment eroded the foundations of our great culture? Will America go by the paths of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire?  Only time will tell. Do not go quietly into this night. . . make some noise.


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