New Years resolution challenge.

Suggested New Year resolutions for each month of the new year:

1. A random act of kindness,
2. Eliminate refined sugar from your diet for 21 days,
3. Adopt a pet from an animal shelter
4. Go into a church or synagog or mosque, not of your faith and even if you are a

The dawn of a new beginning.

nonbeliever, to observe one service or prayer
5. Hug a stranger.
6. Buy a cup of coffee, a blanket and a coat and give it to a homeless person. (Note the conjunction of this sentence is “and” not “or”)
7. Dye your hair purple or bright yellow for one day and go out in public and see how it feels to be gawked at and ostracized by everyone you come into contact with, (social awareness).
8. No electronic device for one day ( particularly cell phones).
9. Remember your manners as your mother taught you as a child, please and thank you, sir and ma’am to everyone.
10. Be kind.
11. Say: “I love you” to a spouse or friend every time you meet or greet them
12. Meditate or simply sit down some place quiet and alone and remain silent for twenty minutes every day for one week, (sometimes a closet works best).

Good luck!


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