In 1976, as a member of the armed services I was sent to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California to learn Russian. It was an assignment that required a special background investigation and a top secret \ special intelligence clearance. When I graduated from this school after nine months of intensive training, I received a letter from the Russian Embassy congratulating me for my hard work and dedication in learning a difficult language and studying their culture. The purpose of the letter wasn’t really to commend me for the merits of my study but to let me know there were no secrets between the governments and that they knew that I would be essentially spying on them. I was in fact, after my selection as a Russian linguist, administratively controlled by the United States Air Force but operationally controlled by the NSA. For president O’Bama to sanction publicly the Russians for their mischievous behavior in doing what we and they have been doing for decades seems reminisce of the Johnson and later the Nixon administration of the 1970s when our government misinformed the American public while the rest of the world knew we were bombing peaceful nations in order to achieve an objective. It seems ludicrous even more when you consider that one of the results of the hack was to release information to the American people that one of their own parties was interfering in the election of our next president. Its clearly propaganda designed like the tet Offensive coverup to hide a deeper problem and to obscure the real issues from the American public. Our electoral process and the two party system needs revamping. Wake up America!


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