American Revolution -a modern view.

A hero lives in the heart of every American.  No one raised and educated in this country was ever taught to be complacent or incompassionate. Standing up for your neighbors or others less fortunate is the norm. Even those we don’t agree with have always been given deference and respect. Injustice incites us to action. We abhor laziness almost as much as greed and cruelty. We resent someone telling us how we should live. We reserve our opinion until provoked and speak our minds on subjects and issue that matter, that affect our livelihood,  property, and families. We believed and still believe in the American dream of life, liberty, and the ability in a free enterprise system to pursue those things that make us happy. We value our freedom and would defend any threat to our way of life. Why then, have we allowed our elected officials to sell their loyalty to the highest bidder. The top 1% will dictate to the rest of us how we should live. They will destroy our planet for profit. Milk it’s resources and deprive our children of any legacy worth having. They are already changing the education system to create an technilogical labor force, eliminating creative subjects that stimulate thought and encourage free thinkers. It won’t be long before they move to limit free speech, control the media, and censor Internet communications. It’s a revolution America, a coup you never saw coming because the enemy did not come rolling in with bombs and guns blazing. They came from within and changed your system be free your very eyes, and you were blinded to it because they appealed to your sense of decency and confused the issues with abortion and welfare reform and other rhetoric whenever someone brought to your attention that you and your families may, at their whim, be in need of public assistance. You sold out for those comforts you convinced yourself or in reality let them convince you that you can’t live without. Wake up America. Realize that the political party is owned by someone else. Find an independent and vote for change. Retake control of our country before it’s too late.


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