50 Shades, the movie-a review by Fyrecurl

50 Shades, the movie, comes through with powerful performances by both of the leads. The book by E.L. James, though flawed by some mediocre writing, resembles literary novels in its creation of interesting and vulnerable characters that are memorable. Despite the erotic and violently suggestive themes of BDSM, that tend to demean women, it has unveiled a strangely alluring love story that evokes both romantic and sexual undertones. Out of the darkness arises the spark of innocence and love that lights up the night of the heart, and illuminates the paradoxically complex gender roles in our society where the struggle for control over own bodies, and to trust it to another, becomes the conflict that propels the plot. Dark themes have been the vehicle for love stories in the past, why do people cringe when it’s sexual in nature instead of raw violence like Bonnie & Clyde. It rates four stars in my book, what about yours? It was worth the price of admission,  I recommend you go see it before you criticize its theme. 


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