Excerpt from upcoming novel: Fyrecurl:In the Shadows

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming novel: Fyrecurl: In the Shadows–

No one usually knows the last day they will sleep in their bed, drink coffee from their favorite cup, or kiss their wife good by. I knew. At 7:00 a.m. on Monday, January 24, 1994, everything unfolded before me as I had seen it played over and over again in my mind, planned right down to the last detail. The tiny tear in the corner of Debbie’s left eye grew. It always filled up first whenever she cried. It pooled there in that dip under the raw lower lid then overflowed. It followed the same erratic path I imagined, spilling down over the upper curve of her cheek bone, towards the ear, stopped all at once, then curved back into that sallow fold of her cheek, over the dimple and disappeared into that tapered spot where her plump lips meet. Her final kiss was soft. It was warm. It was wanting. I unfolded myself from her desperate embrace. Looked around the place I called home for the past twenty years, climbed into my old Ford pickup truck, and left. No tears. No heartache. No regrets, save one.



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