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Kelly Gamble guest blogs today and blogs about serious writing.

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Writing about Serious Subjects

Early reviews of THEY CALL ME CRAZY have called the novel funny, humorous and darkly comedic. I’m very happy about that, because at times, my brand of humor and sarcasm is lost to those that take things too seriously. However, there are some very serious subjects in the novel, and writing about these subjects while still maintaining a certain amount of humor wasn’t easy. In fact, there are excerpts from the book that are ‘funny favorites’ of readers, that were extremely difficult for me, on a personal level, to write.

As with any novel, there are personal memories, at times nightmares, that were called upon in order to develop the story. I never buried a spouse in the yard, or anyone for that matter, but I sure know what it feels like to want to.  Abuse, suicide, PTSD, cheating spouses, mental illness. Yes, these are all things I’ve had experience with on one level or another and those experiences were not funny.

But you know the old cliche: I have to laugh to keep from crying? For me, that has been a coping mechanism I have used throughout my life. It’s not that I can’t be a serious person, on the contrary, when grave matters are at hand, I am usually the one people turn to because I get things handled. But in order to be that person, I have to have a way to deal with the tragedies of life, and I do it with humor.

I’ve tried to write some serious pieces about these subjects and find that they hurt. Some would say, “oh, that’s a sign that it’s good, if it hurts to bleed on the paper,” but I say, I don’t like to hurt. I like to write, I like to tell stories, but I don’t want to slice my own wrists to do it. I’d rather invite readers into my world, into my way of dealing, and make them laugh instead of cry.

Because in the end, this crazy rollercoaster we call life should be fun, no matter how much tragedy we experience.

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