POETRY CORNER – November 2014

The Dawn
The Dawn

Today we have a guest blog.  I have a friend who asked me to publish one of his poems. It is my pleasure to do so, for Mr. Damien White:

Different Paths – by Damien Aerial White

We walk along in different paths of belief

We all carry our stresses and grief

We choose different paths less taken

But we have chosen the the lives we are making

Some are christen some are witch and shaman

But the path we are on is so far common.

So you may not agree, but this is my decree

Love one another

Love the earth

Love your mother for she gave birth

Love your father

For there is no other that could conceive

We walk many paths.

But there is one question you must ask

Are we so different and want different things

Or are we just birds with different wings?

When you feel a prejudice

Ask your self is what we want so different?


When the White Bird Sings

by: Emily McNamee

High on a branch in an opulent forest

a bird waits for the sun to rise,

her feathers spread in anticipation,

the tips dripping with earth in morning,

her domed head bowed, snowy breast out

sitting on a bough so slight

it bends on every  breeze,

and when the first kiss of day

breaks through the haze

and pecks her on the cheek,

she sings–

soft and clear and sweet,

and beckoning,

all who hear her song

to rise and shine and greet

the new and wonderful day,

until its sun is gone,

Then she sings again

when the sun goes down

to say farewell to a long lost friend

and remind us that when a day has parted,

its precious cargo ne’er should be forgotten,

each one a precious gift, to have and hold

as He hast promised

awaiting the day when judgment calls.

She never falters

She tucks her breast beneath her wings

waiting for the  day when

the light of the world dismisses the darkness,

and the white bird sings again.



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