Poetry Corner – September 2014


The Color Purple
Life is a purple rose,
A sweetheart, battered and beaten,
And put in a vase on a shelf in the sun
It smells just as sweet as the yellow,
the white, the pink, and the red one.
It’s petals lay open in bloosom as schemed.
Those friendships, marriages, and dreams
and other occasions.
It celebrates with its presence
Simply because it’s color is bolder, deeper
and mean,
Does not diminish it’s beauty,
it’s meaning, nor seem
any less valuable,
no less sheen,
No defeat.
Love by any other color–
smells as sweet.
_____________________________________ /
Birthday Wishes – to my daughters
I did not bear you within my womb,
but in my heart–
in that fertile place that kept you warm,
right from the start,
that is where you were born.
I carry you with me each day in there,
deep inside,
as though you never left me to go away,
out into the world to make your way,
be your own selves and
find love and more.
I raised you up and sometimes erred in my interpretation
but never did I ever not love you in any situation.
I taught you how to throw a ball, how to play patty-cake,
peek-a-boo, hide-and-seek.
I taught you how to turn the other cheek
and forgive those who do not understand,
I taught you all that I know
and though it be lacking still,
I taught you to walk and crawl and stand
and to question everything and
I know–
that it is enough.
Though I pushed you away,
I did not abandon you,
Behind you I stayed every step of the way
to catch you if you fell,
but you never did.
You have always–and will always be–my reason for existence.
You have always been, and will forever be, my reason to live.
You are the rain drops on the petals of every flower in the meadow,
the warmth of the sun on my shoulder as I walk through C’anan,
and the smile in each child or stranger I see,
the very reason I am me,
for without you I am just a woman,
a soul in search of her identity, and
like the many searching for God, the meaning of life,
uncertain of their destiny,
I am found.
I have forged you in my heart,
bound you to me for eternity.
Know that when all my worldly posessions part,
and I am but dust and bones lying in the ground
I am with you somewhere in your heart
and I am happy,
So celebrate your birth day, dear daughters, and
although I have nothing left to give you,
know that you are loved.
Jackie and Jen

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