Happy Mother’s Day –

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all those who have nutured, the fortunate those who’ve carried life within their wombs, the women who’ve held and suckled an infant, the women who’ve read bedtime stories, made funny faces, and made us laugh until we cried, and then wiped the tears away, and came back to play another day, those women who scolded us when we were bad and then were sad because we were, those women who taught us to be kind, and strong and to know that both are equally important,  those women who cooked, and cleaned and scrubbed our faces, brought hot tea and biscuits on a tray with a paper flower when we were sick, who stitched our stockings, patched our pants when we were too poor to go shopping,  who loved our father even on those days when he was mean, and  loved us unconditionally even when we weren’t nice, those women who did not give birth but who did all of the other things that made her our mother just the same, Happy Mother’s Day. To all women who lived and loved.



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