Poetry Corner – April 2014


I once met a wise man who told me:
God was a woman, who’d learned to become a man,
He charged the rest of humanity to become like Him.
Blasphemy! I said to him, irate.
If that were the case then—
how would the world procreate?
And what of men? Are they already like God?
Old man, what mischief do you make?
He leaned with one hand held onto his rod.
He reached up with the other, and scratched—
first at his beard then at his head.
I’m sorry to tell thee, my friend,
but in all human kind there are no men, he said.
Blasphemy! I said. Are you not a man?
He then proceeded to disrobe to show me.
When he was standing naked in the snow,
I saw he was a woman.
Oh my God! I exclaimed. Strike me dead.
Blasphemy! He said.


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