Tolerance is not Acceptable: Education of society is a must before prejudice is erased

Did God inflict some people with a disability, anomaly, or social disease to test them, or those people who call themselves Christians? Tolerance is more than lip service, and is nowhere close to acceptance. I recall my mother telling me as a child, that we (as a society) should accept “those people” meaning blacks as equals, and treat them better. Prejudice is inherent, sometimes so culturally seated within our upbringing that we fail to perceive it. Bigotry is deliberate failure on the part of a person to perceive their own prejudice, and try to change their disposition. In extreme cases, its the knowledge of their cultural infirmity, and the intentional rebuke of others based upon these infirm beliefs. The true test of adherence to Christian ideals, and tolerance is often difficult because it means recognizing that where society teaches us one thing, we must set it aside, sometimes blindly and leap into a new philosophy or accept things merely on faith. Love thy neighbor, as thyself, can mean only one thing, but it never ceases to amaze me how many different interpretations this simple tenet manifests in society. Some have sought to use Old testament teachings in the bible to ostracize others. Often biblical teachings have beset legal precedent, and overturned it. If God made individuals to adhere to a binary gender system, then why did he create people who were predisposed in other ways. The controversy over same sex marriage becomes almost comical when analyzed by those who believe in true Christian ideals, or even given an historical perspective. At one time, our laws provided only for white male landowners to vote in this country. World history shows us that intelligent men, and women believed that White skin meant superiority, and that one drop of blood from a non-Caucasian would taint the genetic structure, and weaken its progeny, creating a weaker, less intellectual society. It believed that the world was flat, that witches existed, and that men could enslave other men based upon the color of their skin. All these deep seated cultural beliefs subsided with education. Until the world recognizes and acts on its new perception, that sex too, does not denigrate an individual to a lesser status, gays, transgendered, and women will have to wait for true acceptance even amongst themselves.



3 thoughts on “Tolerance is not Acceptable: Education of society is a must before prejudice is erased

  1. Anyone who is ‘tolerant’ of gays, blacks, women, immigrants, men, atheists, christians (etc) is implying that they’d rather impose some kind of force upon these groups to force them go away, or force them to obey your orders, be put inside a cage, silenced, oppressed or marginalised is some way.

    In this sense, to claim to be ‘tolerant’ is not claiming to be virtuous….. it is in fact claiming to be inherently evil (or at least nasty and vindictive), and to be actively suppressing these traits.


  2. I’m finding more and more that bigotry is so ingrained in people’s enculturation that they are not perceiving themselves as being bigoted. I guess it’s difficult to notice something you’ve always had – whether it’s privilege or bigotry – until it goes away. Kind of like air. We don’t really think much about it until it’s gone.

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  3. Agreed. The mere inference of tolerance is to recognize others are different and treat them differently. In education, a seed can be planted that allows a lifestyle change to be infused, and how it is nourished will determine whether it can be harvested into true acceptance.

    Sorry I was unable to respond sooner because I was in NH at a residency requirement for my MFA program.


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