Success – depends on how you define it, or refine it through the years

Success means many things to many people. For some, perhaps many, the accumulation of material things symbolizes success. Chances are, if money is the motivator they will undoubtedly be disappointed, because there is no satisfaction point, no clearly defined goal to let them know when they have arrived. The drive for more, or to maintain what they have consumed all their time and energy. Their concept of success was, is illusory. For others, notoriety is their driving force. Popularity, and fame defines who they are. They constantly strive to be seen as the very best, but again these persons can never arrive because it’s a continuous struggle to be popular, to get in the last word, to be known and respected by all–which cannot be. Happiness is ethereal, and often short lived. By its very nature it must be compared with the other moments in one’s life. The sad moments, the disappointments, the failures, and the countless mediocre moments that are unmemorable. Thus, if being happy is the yardstick one measures success. He or she must clearly define it, or refine it over time, as the case may be. Perhaps Ralph Waldo Emerson understood it best when he realized that success is in the laughter of children, a beautiful garden, an improved social condition, or the knowledge that one life breathes easier because you have lived.



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