Proselytizing in the U.S. Armed Forces–Illegeal or a Right?


PEOPLE often forget that when a citizen takes an oath and becomes a sailor, soldier, airman, marine, or other member of our armed forces, that they are agreeing to give up their constitutional rights in order to defend it on behalf of others. They fall under the UCMJ and must adhere to its laws or be sanctioned by them. Here, the emphasis is on uniformity. When a soldier goes to basic training they tear down anything that stands out as an individual so that they (the military) can rebuild that man, or woman, into an integral part of a fighting machine. Every cog in this machine must work in unison for it to operate effectively as an instrument of U.S. Foreign policy, and promote American ideals. The military is made up of numerous persons from all backgrounds, cultures, and religious beliefs, but they have one thread in common–they are soldiers. That uniformity of purpose would be destroyed from the inside if individual religious beliefs were to be allowed to proselytize. God bless America–and keep our military strong and unified.

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